Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This is where I need to spend some time. Let me start by expressing that i adore my life. I love my sweet babes and it is an honor to give them my life. Cooking, cleaning, loving, candyland, play dough, discipline and laughter are my daily pleasure. I am crazy blessed to be called "Mommy."
All that said, I feel like I am at the point of needing some quiet, peaceful rejuvenation. I am longing to speak with my Jesus and be able to hear Him speak His truth to His daughter. I crave to lie in His arms and rest. I am tired and I need Him.
I want to think, with a clear head and a quiet soul. Where am I at in my life? I am longing for something new. An adventure perhaps. I am feeling an urge to KNOW what the Lord's next step for me is. I want to do something to make some one's life easier, better. I want to take the load off of some one's shoulder, but I ask myself each day...how, when, with what? I need time to think, to hear, to act in faith.
I need rest, a full night or 5 of uninterrupted sleep.
I need peace, a new joy, purpose. I love where I am at....but I am ready to grow.


Shelley said...

Oh, Brit, you are not alone -- on so many levels!! Just this week, I, too, have had a desire to get back onto the blog-scene. And because I was frying emotionally, Keith just whisked me away for some of that kind of relaxation. What a blessing... even for a few days. Put a plan together and find someone who 1) knows your kids and can keep them, and 2) has a place you can stay, even if it's just overnight one night with Jeremy!! Praying for you as you continue to keep Jesus as your true peace.

Erin said...

Love you sis. I am here whenever wherever. I can take the kids. Or I can take you. :)

Britt said...

Thanks ladies. Shelly I'm so glad you got some time, you deserve it friend. You have a lot on your plate. I think as woman, wives, mothers, multi taskers, this is a commonality we can share. Glad to know I'm not alone. Loves to you both.

A Serenade for Solitude said...

Britt-Not sure why I never saw this until now. You are such a lovely woman, with a huge, dear heart. I hope you've been able to find some time over the last couple of months. You deserve it, and the kiddos need a rejuvinated mommy! Love you lady. You are special. xo, cbm