Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This is where I need to spend some time. Let me start by expressing that i adore my life. I love my sweet babes and it is an honor to give them my life. Cooking, cleaning, loving, candyland, play dough, discipline and laughter are my daily pleasure. I am crazy blessed to be called "Mommy."
All that said, I feel like I am at the point of needing some quiet, peaceful rejuvenation. I am longing to speak with my Jesus and be able to hear Him speak His truth to His daughter. I crave to lie in His arms and rest. I am tired and I need Him.
I want to think, with a clear head and a quiet soul. Where am I at in my life? I am longing for something new. An adventure perhaps. I am feeling an urge to KNOW what the Lord's next step for me is. I want to do something to make some one's life easier, better. I want to take the load off of some one's shoulder, but I ask myself each day...how, when, with what? I need time to think, to hear, to act in faith.
I need rest, a full night or 5 of uninterrupted sleep.
I need peace, a new joy, purpose. I love where I am at....but I am ready to grow.