Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas...

I love the holidays. Everything is gorgeous. I love the Christmas lights so much, they almost make me cry. I cannot believe there are only 9 more days until the big day is here. I'm thankful that I started shopping so early, and aside from a few small things, that part is done. There is one thing that saddens me about this season. Is it just me, or does every year it seem to be getting shorter? I feel like harvest time lasts a while, which I love, but as for Christmas, well it's gone before you have the time to look forward to it! The last two years in fact, I have observed a noticeable decrease of outside Christmas lights. It is such a joyous season, the smells, music, colors, and cheerful hearts. Do I only feel this shortage because I am getting older?

I came a cross an old phrase last week that really hit me in a new way this year and I wanted to share it with you. "Let your hearts be light." It is a phrase I have heard so many times before without really taking the time to let it's meaning settle in. What a beautiful wish, and that is mine for all of us. I challenge you, me, all of us to be sure and take some time in this rushed season to remember the true meaning, be thankful for our loved ones, and simply let our hearts be light.