Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Which Kitchen Idea do you vote for? I need your opinions. I am going for cozy lived in, inviting, yet different and fun all in one....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Hopes for the New Year...

(Picture compliments of LE Love)

*To Simplify- Really
*To Prioritize My Time
*To Improve on My sewing Skills
*To Get Healthy-But not Obsess
*To Create some new traditions with my family
*To get a to a new level in my relationship with my Savior
*To create a scheduled, Regular date night with my hubby
*To attend a dance class
*To look outside of "my world" and meet the needs of others
*To go on a vacation with Jeremy
*To take a make-up class through MAC
*To learn my camera inside and out
*To start piano lessons
*to have the courage to let go and enroll my daughter in kindergarten
*To plan monthly girl's nights
*To go to bed earlier so that I can be the first one up and enjoy the morning peace

There are so many other aspirations I have, so I am sure to be adding on and crossing out throughout the year. What are you dreams for 2011?

Monday, January 3, 2011

" I Want You"

Last night was a long night, to say the least. I was up and down literally every 15 minuets with my daughter Olivia. From the look and symptoms, I'd say it's the flu. My poor baby girl. Throughout the night as I emerged once again to take her to the bathroom to clean up after yet another tossing of her cookies, I realized something...I was happy to be doing it. I hate that she is sick, I hate that we are getting zero rest, but I am so thankful to be the one to take care of her every need at a time like this; to be the one whom she needs. Who I am to be so blessed as to be called "Mommy" ?

The night went on and before we knew it, the sun was rising. Between my three little loves and my sick husband I felt like I was racing back and forth and I began to get a little exhausted, and furthermore, grumpy. I had so quickly forgotten the blessing and felt a little burdened I am ashamed to say. Just at that moment I heard one more shout.

Olivia: Mommy!

Olivia: Mommy, Mommy.

Me: What?!(In a tired, and a bit irritated tone)

Olivia: I WANT you.

Me: What? ( Much softer now)

Olivia: I want you.

How could I have so selfishly felt burdened by my precious gifts? Not only have I been blessed beyond imagination to be Mommy, to be needed, but I am wanted by my child. She wants me with her, just close, just to BE with her. I am ever so grateful to have heard these words this morning and to have my heart fall in love all over again. I am a mother, I am blessed.