Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Little "Big Boy"

So he did it! My Little man slept in a big boy bed for the very first time last night. Oh he was so sweet. I went in to check on him after about 15 min. and he was wiggling around. It was then that he realized he could get up by himself, and he did. He came into the kitchen, blanky in hand and a sweet "hello." It cracked me up. I took him back in and of course this repeated, but only twice. The last time out Jeremy took him back and he crawled in bed himself. He was a little upset he couldn't stay up but he quickly drifted off to sleep and stayed there they entire night!!! I am so proud of Him. I think he even kind of likes his new independence.


Erin said...

Yeah Jack! Auntie is so proud of you! He is so cute and his bed is ADORABLE! Way to go bloggin' Mama!

Molly said...

Super sweet pictures Brittany. I love the background you used on your blog too.

Stephanie said...

I am so glad I found this blog :)

He is adorable!!!